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"Anka Kuş Parfüm" perfume house was launched in 2018, founded by independent perfumer Ali Erkekli in Melbourne, Australia. It seeks to produce eclectic aromas rich in whims and weirdness. Scents are bold, stimulating, and inspired by his many hobbies: history, travel, movies, sports, art, literature, and pop culture. Ali himself creates exclusive perfume labels inspired by past art, posters, and perfume bottle designs. Using mostly exquisite absolutes and naturals sourced from all over the world, in an aim to produce passionate pieces of olfactive poetry. The focus is on the bottle's contents, so the perfume packaging is simple, unlike most today's manufacturers.

"Perfume is a liquid art form. It is a short-lived and, at the same time, powerful memory. Perfume has the wonderful ability to take you to another time and place." Ali Erkekl

Pronunciation - [Ahn-Kah Koosh Par-foom]

Meaning - Phoenix - a bird rising from the ashes

Made in Australia, hand made, recycled
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Jezebel is a deep and enchanting scent that is currently a massive success in the US.

Lady in green dress
Man with a bowl hat

Did you know that Absinthe-Minded was nominated at the prestigious The Art & Olfaction Awards 2020?

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