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The Zoo | Carré Blanc

Dream: Carré Blanc hides your own little forbidden secrets.

Scent: Whatever rocks your boat: green foliage, grapefruit, rhubarb, blond woods, hay, orris, tonka … Trust and confidence on the outside, calm and peace on the inside.

Twist: By courteous etiquette, do not wear this on a plane, at the theater or anywhere where you might sit next to someone who doesn’t like you.


Perfumers: Christophe Laudamiel and Andrew Everett


60ml EDP

The Zoo | Carré Blanc

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Forbiden: You and your fragrance like to go against accepted standards. You're comfortable being a paradigm-breaker: wear The Zoo FORBIDDEN in public or whispering behind closed doors. These smells are banned by experts or by countries where they won’t be shipped, due to their ingredient content, proportions or creation methods.

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