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MB ""  takes care of the protection of your information and complies with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other laws that protect your information. Please read this message carefully to learn more.

1. How should I read this message?

This report will answer key questions about how we collect, use and store information about you. If you have any questions or any part of this notice is unclear, we are ready to assist you as described in section 15 of this notice. Please note that any form of the word “we” in this notice means our Office as defined in Section 2 of this notice.

2. Who is responsible for protecting my information?  

MB "";
The company code is: 305739610;
Address: Miežių st. 18-22, LT-08416 Vilnius

3. Why do you collect information about me?

We provide public access to the website  (the “Site”), we maintain, improve and ensure its security. We also administer social networking accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) (hereinafter - Social Networking Accounts). By browsing our Website or Social Networking Accounts, you enter into an agreement with us to grant you free access to the content of the Website or Social Networking Account and to agree to its statutory terms of use, including but not limited to copyright and the personal information contained in this notice. protection and privacy.

We need to collect, use and store information about you in order to:

  • manage, improve and optimize our Website, Social Network accounts and their user experience;

  • respond to inquiries and suggestions from visitors to the Website and Social Network accounts, provide technical assistance;

  • comply with any legal obligations, settle any disputes that may arise with you or third parties, and exercise your rights under any agreements between you and Us or between Us and third parties;

  • understand browsing trends, evaluate the size of our audience and usage patterns, understand the wishes and preferences of Our users;

  • improve the performance and appearance of the Website, create new features and functionality;

  • protect Our rights and property in connection with the Site.

4. What information do you collect, use and store about me?

When you browse the Site or the social networking accounts we administer, we may use technologies (analysis of your browser's requests to the Site, cookies, etc.) that automatically collect:

• Usage Data: When you access the Site, We may automatically collect certain information about your access to and use of the Site (such as the URLs of access and exit links, the content and pages you access on the Site, access dates and times, etc.). .);

• Device Information: When you access the Website, We may automatically collect information about your device and Internet connection (such as IP addresses, type of computer or mobile device used, operating system version, device ID, browser type, language, etc.). .

When you use the functionality (forms) of the Website or Social Network Account on your own initiative to make inquiries to us or offer to conclude agreements with you, or write a message to the contact e-mail addresses provided on the Website or Social Network Account, the following data is collected:

  • identification data (name, surname, company, etc.);

  • contact details (e-mail address, etc.);

  • Additional data is required for the conclusion of the respective type of contract, if you offer to conclude a contract (eg: when proposing to conclude an employment contract - date of birth, CV data, etc.)

  • any other data provided on your own initiative which you consider relevant in the context of the request or offer made.

When you use the functionality (forms) of the Website or Social Network account to subscribe to newsletters and / or promotional information on your own initiative, identification (name, surname, company, etc.) and contact information (email address, etc.) may be collected.

5. Do you collect sensitive personal information?


6. Do you use cookies?

When you sign in to your Website or Social Network profile, we may send one or more cookies - small text files that contain a string of letters and numbers. We may use both session cookies and persistent cookies. The session cookie disappears when you close the browser. The persistent cookie remains after you close your web browser and may be used by your web browser for future visits to the Website. Persistent cookies can be deleted through the settings of your web browser. Review your web browser's user guide to learn how to change your cookie settings.

Cookies are a technical means of automatically collecting the technical browsing information described in Section 4 of this notice. We use the following types of cookies:

  • Session cookies. We use session cookies to access our website;

  • Preferred cookies. We use Preferences Cookies to remember your preferences and various settings (such as the language of the page);

  • Security cookies. We use Security Cookies for security purposes;

  • Analytical cookies. We use analytical cookies to view traffic statistics for our Website or Social Network account, topics of interest to you, and to provide you with the highest quality, most relevant information.

In addition to the cookies used by the data controller, our websites may allow certain third parties to set and access cookies on your computer or other device. In this case, the use of cookies is subject to the privacy rules of third parties:

Google Analytics:  




Please note that our social network accounts are subject to the appropriate social network cookie policy.

7. What information should I provide you and why?

As a visitor to your Website or Social Network account, you do not need to provide us with any information. All technical information is automatically collected using standard web browsing technologies (analysis of requests made by your browser to the Website, cookies, etc.).

If you wish to use the functionality (forms) of the Website or Social Network Account to make inquiries to us or to offer us to enter into agreements with you, or to the contact email addresses provided on the Website, you should indicate your:

  • identification data (name, surname, company, etc.)

  • contact details (email address, etc.)

  • additional data required for the conclusion of the respective type of contract, if you offer to conclude a contract, etc.

You also have the option, in your sole discretion, to provide additional information that you consider relevant to the request or offer to enter into a contract. If we do not provide some of the information we need to properly respond to your inquiry, we may ask you to provide that information.

You also have the option, at your option, to provide us with your identification and contact information and to subscribe to our newsletter and / or other promotional materials.

8. What information do you collect about me from other sources and from where?

We do not collect any visitor data for the Sites and Social Network accounts from other sources.

9. Why are you legally allowed to collect my information?

We lawfully collect information about you because:

  • We need your information in order to provide you with access to the Website, ie to fulfill our agreement and to allow you to browse our Website at your request, and to respond to inquiries, suggestions about our services or goods sold on your own initiative (General Data Protection Article 6 (1) (b) of the Regulation);

  • You agree to process your personal data on your own initiative by submitting an inquiry, request, complaint to us where it does not relate to the services or goods we provide (Article 6 (1) (a) of the General Data Protection Regulation);

  • You have subscribed to our newsletter and / or other promotional material on your own initiative using the functionality of the Website or Social Network Account (Article 6 (1) (a) of the General Data Protection Regulation);

  • We need your information to comply with our legal obligations, to resolve any disputes that may arise with you or other parties, and to enforce our rights under all agreements between you and Us or between Us and third parties (General Data Protection Regulation). Article 6 (1) (c);

  • We need your information to improve our Website and the experience of its users, as well as to protect the Website from unauthorized access (Article 6 (1) (f) of the General Data Protection Regulation).

10. Will you use My personal data for automatic decision making or My profiling?


11. Who will you share My personal data with?

We may disclose your personal information:

  • To the extent necessary to provide, maintain, create and secure access to the Site and Social Network accounts for our service providers or contractors.

We may also disclose your personal data if such disclosure is necessary to comply with our legal obligations to establish, enforce or defend legal claims, whether in legal, administrative or extrajudicial proceedings.

  • In the online store, payments are processed using the platform, whose operator is Maksekeskus AS (Niine 11, Tallinn 10414, Estonia, registration number: 12268475). Therefore, your personal information required for payment execution and confirmation will be transmitted to Maksekeskus AS.

12. Will my personal data be transferred outside the European Economic Area?


13. How long will you keep information about Me?

We store the information of your inquiries and suggestions within the terms of document storage set by the Chief Archivist of Lithuania.

We keep your information related to your subscription to the newsletter and / or promotional material until you unsubscribe and for three years after unsubscribing (only to prevent you from sending us a newsletter or promotional material again by mistake while updating our database).

Information about the visitor's device (s) and browsing is stored automatically for 26 months.

14. What are my rights?

You have the following rights in the field of personal data protection:

  • Make a request for access to available information about you;

  • Submit a request to correct the available information about you;

  • Object to the processing of data in the legitimate interest of Us, where the processing of the data in question is solely in the legitimate interests of Us and such processing disproportionately restricts your rights and freedoms or legitimate interests in the context of specific circumstances;

  • Request to delete existing information about you:  

    • when the data is processed for the purpose of subscribing to a newsletter and / or advertising material;

    • where the processing is carried out solely for the legitimate interests of Us, you object to such processing and such processing would disproportionately restrict your rights and freedoms and legitimate interests in the specific circumstances, unless such processing is necessary to make legal claims or defend against legal claims. requirements;

    • your data is processed without a legitimate basis.

  • Request to restrict access to or deletion of available information about you:  

    • where the correction of erroneous data is requested, the period until the errors identified are corrected;

    • objecting to the processing of data in the legitimate interest of Us, until your objection has been examined and our decision on further processing has been made;

    • when We no longer need personal data, but it is necessary for you to make legal claims or to defend against the legal claims made;

    • any data processed without a legal basis when you do not wish to have it deleted.

  • Challenge the collection, use and storage of your information in Our Office;

  • File a complaint with the State Data Protection Inspectorate.

To exercise your rights below, please contact Our Data Protection Officer as described in Section 15. Please note that these rights are subject to statutory conditions and exceptions.

15. Liability

You are responsible for the confidentiality of your password and user data and for any actions (data transfers, orders placed, etc.) that are performed on our Website using your login details. You may not disclose your password to third parties. If the services provided on our Website are used by a third party who has logged in using your login details, we will consider that you have logged in. If you lose your login details, you must notify us immediately by phone or email. We recommend that you change your password every 6 months.

You are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide to us is accurate, correct and complete. If the data provided by you changes, you must notify us immediately by changing the relevant data in the registration form or, if the data is not specified in the registration form, by informing us by e-mail. In no event will we be liable for any damages incurred by you as a result of you providing incorrect or incomplete personal information or notifying us of a change within a reasonable time (such as sending your order and receiving a change of address request from you).

16. How can you help me?

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about how we collect, use and store data about you, our Data Protection Coordinator can help you. If you need help, please contact us. email 

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