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Nosy [ˈnəʊzi] is a small family business born out of love and curiosity for perfumes and the art of perfumery. We have been exploring this complex industry with excitement and pleasure for almost a decade. It's time to share the discoveries with you - seekers and explorers of unique scents!  

And here is Lithuania my dear - here people like to smell good!

Unlike everywhere!

Nosy offers a unique opportunity to explore, experiment, and pick the most intriguing works of fragrant art. In our collection, you will discover exceptional artisan perfumes that are relatively unknown in Europe but have garnered recognition among perfume enthusiasts worldwide. Explore amazing brands like Anka Kus Perfum and Criminal Elements from Australia, as well as Christophe Laudamiel's rebellious brand, The Zoo. You can also indulge in the mischievous scents of Jorum Studio from Scotland and the extravagant creations of artist Sarah Baker.

In our perfume collection, you'll find scents that ignite the imagination and captivate the senses!

Hot air balloon

Our purpose

Encourage all perfume connoisseurs, seekers, lovers, and critics not to be afraid to leave their comfort zone. Open your noses and hearts. Dive into our scent experiment. Surprise yourself and others by breaking standards and clichés with bold or creative choices. Maybe you like to bathe in perfume, or perhaps you enjoy the aroma on your wrist? It doesn’t matter. The scent is part of your personality, the day’s mood, or an accessory. Tell your story in the language of fragrances!


To be different is so much fun!

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