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Jorum was established in 2010 by Scottish perfumer Euan McCall working under the pseudonym Jorum Laboratories and has formulated fragrances for cult brands. In 2019 Euan and his partner Chloe Mullen launched Jorum Studio. They have been quietly building a new, world-class perfume-making industry in Scotland from their base in Edinburgh.

A focus on hand-crafted yet innovative fragrances is at the heart of Jorum Studio. 

They make everything in-house and take pride in working at their own pace, crafting fragrances when inspiration strikes over any focus on trends. The focus is always on the quality of the aroma. They do everything intimately by hand, working with the finest raw materials and nurturing fragrances throughout their entire development, resting, and assembly process. 

 Jorum Studio fragrances are unique, original, and contemporary.

Vegan, hand made, recycled
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I didn’t expect the Scots to be so... EXOTIC! I was pleasantly surprised!

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