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Jorum Studio | Healing Berry

Smashed to a pulp in a timeworn pestle and mortar, a tannin-sweet concoction equally fit to heal or harm.


Place reference: Valley of Strathmore.



Scottish Odyssey is an exploration of the folklore and mysteryengrained in our past and present. A contemporary fantasy built aroundthe everyday; extending beyond geography into attitude, humour andculture. Grounded and earthy, joyful and irreverent.


30ml Extrait de Parfum

Jorum Studio | Healing Berry


Impression: Artemisia, Blackcurrant Absolute, Tayberry, Willowherb, Sloes, Wild Mint, Rose Absolute, Logan Berry, Buckler Fern, Violet Leaf Absolute.


Fade: Raspberry leaf, Orris Butter, Himalayan Balsam, Cereal Accord.

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