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Jorum Studio | Fantosmia

Reality is immaterial.


Fantosmia Eau de Parfum is a perfume that marries natural phenomenon with manufactured intelligence in equal measure.

The end result presents a progressive step towards a new olfactory language – speaking not only in notes and aromatic raw materials, but also in shape, form, texture, surface, physicality, the elusive and intangible; giving additional lexicon to odours, their form and resulting sensation (olfacticality).

Existing in liquid form, Fantosmia transcends materiality and showcases the inherent beauty of select natural materials and the power of harnessed molecular knowledge.


Perfume made and assembled by hand in Scotland.


30ml EDP

Jorum Studio | Fantosmia



Black Pepper, Annatto, Cardamom, Pimento, Fennel, Sisho Leaf



Mate, Cascarilla, Nutmeg, Aetoxylon, Castoreum*, Saffron, Tobacco.

*of synthetic origin.


Goes together with Jorum Studio: Phloem ir Trimerous


The Selective Memory collection recounts distorted memories of shared experiences, albiet obscured and abstracted by time; retold through the medium of fragrance.

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