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Jorum Studio | Pentimento

You are what came before


Pentimento is a cornucopia of moreish delights, an extravagant still-life that rewards both wearer and audience. Decadent ormolu gilded flower details are backlit by the velveteen drapery shimmer of Hazelnut and Broom. Sumptuously smudged Tonka and Carob bean provide a soft halo-glow against the cool polished stone façade of Rum Absolute and the austere crystalline refraction of Tobacco flower. Pentimento is a bouquet that is baroque in its grandeur and is unapologetically rich and indulgent – it is big and encompassing whilst being exceptionally nuanced, faceted, articulate and endlessly complex.

Pentimento celebrates a desire for change. A change of mind brought on by reflection rather than necessity. Pentimento is not the story of repentance but of our desire to approach an idea from a different perspective where change itself is the catalyst, influence and inspiration.



Perfume made and assembled by hand in Scotland.


30ml EDP

Jorum Studio | Pentimento



Tiaré, Orchid, Hazelnut, Broom Absolute



Carob Absolute, Tobacco flower, Vanilla, Rum Absolute, Tonka Bean Absolute




The Selective Memory collection recounts distorted memories of shared experiences, albiet obscured and abstracted by time; retold through the medium of fragrance.

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