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The Zoo® fragrances compose a menagerie of vivid colors and personalities like exciting creatures in a zoo. They require feeding with a large palette of ingredients sourced from around the world. 

With each of them, you will enjoy a set of dreams, twists, and fun.

The Zoo® The Zoo collection includes scents in 4 categories: FORBIDDEN, SEXY, FRESH, and RAW.

Christophe Laudamiel is a Master Perfumer, scent composer, lecturer, writer, and chemist champion who also enjoys being an osmocurator (smell historian) for the Versailles Osmothèque.
 He has co-created top 10 fragrances for major Houses such as Polo Blue for men by Ralph Lauren, Happy Heart by Clinique, Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch, deadofnight and meltmyheart by strangelovenyc and other scents for the likes of Beyoncé, Helena Christensen, Tom Ford, Burberry, Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger. In 2010 he founded DreamAir, an innovation-driven perfumery start-up, collaborating with Firmenich (the largest fine fragrance house in the world) for all his ingredient needs.
He concentrates on designing refined scent sculptures for major hotels, retailers and museums around the world. Christophe is the only perfumer worldwide whose scents have been officially entered in collections such as the International Perfumery Museum in Grasse, Harvard University and the Cleveland Museum of Art. He is the only perfumer represented by 2 art galleries, Dillon + Lee in New York City and mianki.Gallery in Berlin. He also created and scent-jockeyed the 30-plus scents for the scent opera “Green Aria” at the Guggenheim Museums (New York and Bilbao) and, with colleague Christoph Hornetz, the 15 scents for the book and movie “Perfume, the story of a murderer.”
 Always a vocal defender of perfumery, he has given over 130 speeches and lectures at scientific congresses, top universities and political institutions. He is the founder of the not-for-profit Academy of Perfumery in the United States, has contributed chapters to reference books and co-invented several patented, or trade-secret, scent technologies for companies with whom he has worked (Procter & Gamble, IFF, Vapor Communication). He is known for his avant-garde work, establishing a trail of signature, high-end and surprising fragrances of all kinds.

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Did you know that Christophe Laudamiel created the scent track for the book and movie “Perfume, the story of a murderer.”?!

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And is also the only perfumer represented by two art galleries in New York and Berlin!

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Scent Tattoo is the winner of the prestigious The Art & Olfaction awards 2018!

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