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The Zoo | No Perfume

Dream: What you wear to places that forbid perfumes or when you don’t feel like smelling perfume-y but still enjoy smells. In other words: this is not a perfume - it is the smell of wood, leather and smoke. Period.


Scent: NO PERFUME was created for those places, bars and opportunities where a fresh outdoor cologne or a perfume-y fragrance is banned or constitutes a big no-no and would break the atmosphere. Or just for when you’re in a smoky, woody, leathery mood.


Twist: NO PERFUME is banned in Canada by Canadian law.

NO PERFUME contains a natural molecule found in jasmine, horses and beavers called a cresol, which smells leathery. We, The Zoo, do not extract Cresol from horses, beavers or jasmine (you could not afford this perfume). The cresol we use is made in the laboratory, yet cresols are forbidden in Canada by some weird twist of their laws.



Perfumer: Christophe Laudamiel


60ml EDP

The Zoo | No Perfume

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Forbiden: You and your fragrance like to go against accepted standards. You're comfortable being a paradigm-breaker: wear The Zoo FORBIDDEN in public or whispering behind closed doors. These smells are banned by experts or by countries where they won’t be shipped, due to their ingredient content, proportions or creation methods.

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