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The Zoo | Fig My Love

Dream: Green at its best in the heart of the jungle. Salivating beauty midst lush green freshness.

Scent: If you don’t like raw figs or fig trees do not buy this. If you don’t like white milky-sape notes, do not buy this either.

Twist: This Fig is long lasting because it is packed with goodie ingredients, too expensive or difficult for most commercial and even niche projects. Sometimes price doesn’t make a difference, but more than once it does.


Perfumer: Christophe Laudamiel


60ml EDP

The Zoo | Fig My Love

Out of Stock

Raw: Blunt, straight forward and explicit fragrances. What you see on the fragrance label is what you get. Direct smells: wear THE ZOO™ RAW scents because you like it straightforward,
without embelishments. You love the purity of the ingredient and the honesty of the fragrance.

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