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The Zoo | Amber Classico Modern

Dream: A modern and fresh, yet cozy amber created by balancing white musks with orchid molecules. The tartness of Gentian extract and mandarin lift the spirit.
Scent: Ambery, bright with ingredients such as Benzoin from Laos; Geranium from Egypt and Patchouli from Bali which have obtained "For Life Social Responsibility Certification"; Peru Balsam which is FairWild certified; and a sliver of Wild Spanish labdanum are there for extra fluidity and sensuality. It also possesses a molecule found in Ambergris, orchids and osmanthus, for the nosely effect.
Twist: Gentian, extracted through molecular distillation, is a plant common in the Chinese and Japanese pharmacopeia, but not extracted there, unfortunately. However, it is harvested wild on the volcanic slopes of Volvic, France, as in the water, exactly where I grew up. The root is extracted and smells very tangy. It is as nasty to unroot from the ground as vetiver roots and agave bulbs. The Gentian scent is key in this fragrance, with Mandarin for the freshness.

Perfumer: Christophe Laudamie

60ml EDP

The Zoo | Amber Classico Modern

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Sexy: Deep and sensual fragrances, full-bodied but not necessarily heavy, but sure to leave an impression. Watch people around you as you wear these fragrances: you wear THE ZOO™ SEXY when you are on a mission.

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