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Sarah Baker | Tartan

A fire is roaring in the library while you savor a glass of rare single malt, all nestled into a tartan blanket. Warmth and refined heritage envelope you after a walk with the hounds through mossy ruins in Scotland’s Highlands.


In three words: warming, autumnal, mossy



Nose: Sarah McCartney

50ml Extrait de Parfum

Sarah Baker | Tartan


Virginia cedar, Atlas cedar, cedar moss, bread, leather accord, hops, tobacco, Buddha wood, ocean breeze, jasmine tea, labdanum, heather



Extrait de Parfum Collection


SARAH BAKER Collection features unique, high-concentration fragrances in a sculptural bottle designed by Sarah Baker. Each Extrait de Parfum bottle is presented with our signature cap, reproducing the singular colour of the Golden Gate Bridge, a symbol of perseverance and determination.

These fragrances are bold, distinctive, and not for the faint of heart. Each of our unique extraits is crafted by an innovative and respected nose, offering a complex and layered luxury perfume experience.

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