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Ladies will love it

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"Is this perfume for men or women?" many customers will ask, but few will know the true nature of the distinction between fragrances! The answer is..... marketing, but let's start at the beginning.

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In the late 19th century, synthetic perfume ingredients were developed, marking a new era for modern perfumery and perfume production. Still, there were no professional perfumery schools until the mid-20th century. We can call the dawn of European perfumery the creation of Eau de Cologne (the water of Cologne), introduced in 1709 by the Italian perfumer Johann Maria Farina. It was a luxury product that everyone in Europe wanted, but only a few could afford. Farina's ability to create large quantities of fragrances with a stable formula was a true miracle of the time. Miracle water, or in Latin: aqua mirabilis.

What is a niche fragrance?

Niche perfumes are the antithesis for commercial perfumes that are often created with the help of a computer program. It analyzes previously made, and successfully marketed perfumes, then suggests about a third of the future scent and leaves only the tiny part for the perfumers’ imagination. In the end, what we get is a commercial fragrance with no significant difference.

Niche perfumes, on the other hand, are olfactory works of art. Often it is a limited edition, handmade product that is the unique fruit of the perfumer’s imagination, revealing the craftsmanship of the creator. Niche perfumes are not divided into feminine or masculine, not constrained by stereotypes, fashion trends, and budget.

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Why is perfume divided into men's and women's?

The division into men’s and women’s perfumes was created by sales professionals in America in the middle of the last century to increase perfume sales. If we write that perfume is pour Homme  (french For men), it will be psychologically easier for men to buy it. However, everyone is aware that the essence of the plants from which the scent is created does not have a pronounced “femininity” or “masculinity”. For example, notes such as musk, carnation, or lavender are usually associated with “masculinity,” but lavender is especially popular among women in Brazil. The ingredients are the same in both men’s and women’s fragrances. Men would be surprised how many rose essences are in their favorite “masculine” scent...

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To sum up

Wear the perfume you like. When choosing, first read the description, try to "decode" the perfumer's message, think about whether this combination and the idea of smell tempt you. The most important thing is to try each scent on your skin because only after wearing it for at least half a day you will be able to evaluate whether you like it, what associations and feelings it evokes, and how it changes over time. The scent is a powerful condenser of memories, and the perfume you choose is a part of your charisma and personality. Don't choose fragrances based on packaging, color, bottle shape, price, or how trendy it is, but based on your personal experience. We encourage you to experiment and discover your signature scent that will delight you every day!

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