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bottle in a hand

I want it, I want it, I want it !!!

You explored our collection fell in love with the story and notes of the scent.
You can already smell it in your head! You determine you want to buy a full perfume bottle right away.

Great, we are already preparing your package!


Three sprays will help you decide!

Just in case... when ordering a full-size perfume bottle, we will add a tiny sample of the same scent for free. We recommend that you try it before opening the big bottle.  

Just to make sure you made the right choice.


Oops... I was wrong, I want another one

You tried the perfume, and it doesn't "stick" to you? We allow you to exchange it for another one from our collection. Replacement will be free!

IMPORTANT: Perfume and its packaging must be intact and safely returned to us. 

We are sorry, but this does not apply to customers outside Lithuania.
Of course, you can buy the perfumes, but we won't be able to replace them for free. So you have to trust your nose instincts on this one!
If you have any questions feel free to contact us.
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