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Mihan Aromatics | Munlark Ash MAFR005

Resinous, Cleansing, Nostalgic, Arboreal


Deep roots in undisturbed land. Creaking and creek lined. Gasps of crushed fir needles. A balsam of dense blue cypress and tree sap. A remedy of morning air inhaled deeply. Evergreen botanicals that mimic the quietness of first light. Ancient flowering trees and woods who graciously lend their oils for revival.


100ml EDP

30ml EDP

Mihan Aromatics | Munlark Ash MAFR005

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Top: Bergamot, Black pepper

Middle: Fir, Incense

Base: Blue Cypress, Musk & Amber,

Vetiver & Cedarwood


Hint: Smoky

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