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Sarah Baker | Far from the Madding Crowd

Warm as summer, fresh as spring. A romantic picnic in the countryside. Botanics, deciduous fruits, wild flowers and woods. Meadows, willows, and ponds.


Nose: Miguel Matos

50ml Eau de Parfum

Sarah Baker | Far from the Madding Crowd

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Heliotrope, bergamot, petitgrain, eucalyptus, black cassis, myrtle, plum, jasmine, cedar, castoreum accord, musk, oakmoss

Eau de Parfum Collection


Feel-good freshness links all of the fragrances in the S.BAKER Collection where each juice looks to fragrance traditions such as cologne, but with the luxurious concentration of Eau de Parfum. Each of the five fragrances does so in its own way—from dew-kissed ethereal botanics to flora and fauna notes and deep woody bases or a smoky undertow. Yet, all share an easy-going, carefree touch. Like our sun logo, these scented tales are life-affirming and joyful.

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